Faster Healing with Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

HBOT for faster healing

Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy (HBOT) supercharges healing at the cellular level, no matter how old you are. It stimulates all the ingredients needed for fast healing.

You may already understand that HBOT increases oxygen in our system, but you might be curious as to how? When we increase pressure, oxygen is able to dissolve into the fluid(plasma) of our blood. Under normal conditions this isn’t possible, but with HBOT it is! Increased oxygen floating around in our plasma allows better delivery to the far reaches of our brain and body. Despite insufficiency in blood circulation, these free-floating, smaller O2 molecules can squeeze through constricted areas where damage has occurred.

For comparison, each Red Blood Cell can carry over 1 billion oxygen molecules. This illustrates how much smaller oxygen is than our RBC’s, which is why it can easily distribute throughout the body, cross the blood brain barrier, and saturate our cells with oxygen they so desperately need to heal and rebuild.

In addition to increased oxygen, when we’re undergoing HBOT, we stimulate the growth new blood vessels, enhance detoxification, lower inflammation, stimulate neuroplasticity (growth of new neurological connections), and stimulate stem cells and numerous growth hormones associated with healing.



Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Inside the Chamber

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