Infection That Wasn’t Responding to Antibiotics Was Completely Healed After Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

staph infection before and after hbot therapy
Before (left) and after (right) HBOT treatment for Staph infection

(pictures to left are cultures used in the diagnosis of Staph)

After months of congestion that I knew wasn’t normal and wasn’t responding to all of my typical natural remedies, Charlie’s pediatrician and I agreed on allergy testing to determine a possible underlying or perpetuating cause. The allergist tested for infection first, and shockingly discovered that Charlie had a staph infection of his adenoids. An initial 10 day course of oral antibiotics failed, and a subsequent twice daily topical antibiotic for one month also failed at resolving his infection. At this point, talk of a stronger oral antibiotic was happening, and our pediatrician had also put in a stat referral to an ENT. Dr. Mac and I discussed the option of trying HBOT, so I decided to hold off on further antibiotics while focusing on hyperbaric oxygen therapy. After 20 hours over the course of about 4 weeks Charlie’s breathing is completely clear. We had his nose swabbed last week to check on the status of the infection objectively, and it is completely clear!

Hyperbaric oxygen therapy enhances performance and function of the body, including its reaction to bacterial infections. This is not only important in cases such as this, but also important in any wound care or surgery. We often use HBOT before and after surgery to not only promote faster healing, but to reduce the chance of infections with fantastic results.

HBOT Patient inside chamber


Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy Inside the Chamber

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